House Cleaning Kenmore – How to clean your bedroom closet?

No matter how much time we spend in cleaning our closets. Just by taking out or by keeping the clothes back to our closets gets messed up again. Then arranging/cleaning them again and again is a hassle in itself. All of us just don’t like to do it, so for this purpose House Cleaning Kenmore have brought you some tricks that will help you with cleaning your bedroom closets in such a way that you have excess to all the stuff and it doesn’t even mess up your closet again.  
1. Remove items from your closet 
During the house cleaning process the first step to cleaning your closet is to remove all the things from your closet, either place all the things on the bed or a basket or bin.  Then go through all the sections of the closest and remove all the items section wise if you prefer then keep all the clothes separately according to the sections. Also remove the shoes from the closet if any. 
2. Cleaning of the closet 
When house cleaning once you have taken out all the things from the closet then begin with the cleaning part.  For this either you can choose to use a vacuum or a Broom whatever suits you. Brush out all the sections of the closet and you will see how much dust there would be.  Once this is done then you can arrange for some old news paper that can be spread in the closet. 
3. Sorting out clothing 
Now comes the difficult part of sorting out the clothing. You can go section wise that will be a little easier on you.  Make two piles one that needs to be kept and other that needs to be donated. When going through the clothes keep in mind that if you haven’t worn an item lately, you won’t wear it in the future also and that needs to be given away. When house cleaning same goes for the shoes also if you haven’t worn it you won’t wear it in the future as well. 
4. Organising the items 
During the house cleaning process once all the things are sorted out.  In your closet either use organising baskets or you can make sections and place all the clothes accordingly. The winters and summers clothes should be kept in separate sections, your jeans should be folded and kept in a separate section just like that your undergarments need to have a separate section and they too need to be kept in such a way that you could easily have access to all. When house cleaning If you prefer you should fold each clothing separately and then keep this way all the things could be accessed easily without making a mess. And the belts, caps and coats should be hanged to the hooks attached to the closet door.  
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