Here’s How to Remove Chewing Gum off from Anything

Did you ever come out of the movie theatre after watching your favourite movie  and find out that you have been sitting on someone’s discarded chewing gum all the time? Now you might try to peel off the chewing gum out of your clothes but it will further mesh into the fabric. There are several tips by house cleaning bothell which you can read to effectively get rid of chewing gum out from your cotton clothing or other clothes easily during the house cleaning process. 
1. Make an ice cube sandwich 
During the house cleaning process your soft, mushy chewing gum will be turned into rock when it will get frozen and it becomes much easier to remove it. You just need two ice cubes to get it started. 
 – During the house cleaning you need to lay down the gummed spot on the garment, gum should be upside down on the ice cube and place the second ice cube on top of it. 
– Now you need to wait for the ice to melt like this the gum will get hard. 
2. Bag it up in the freezer
During the house cleaning process If the ice cubes don’t work to make the gum hard or if you are not having enough time to wait then you can simply put that fabric into the freezer. Make sure that you let it sit for at least one hour or a day to get it harden. 
– You need to put the garment/fabric in a zip bag with the gum facing out. 
– When house cleaning you can skip the bag but it helps to keep the stains away and the unwanted cotton stick to a frosty surface in your freezer. 
3. Get Scraping or Tweezing: 
During the house cleaning process when the gum is hardened then carefully remove the cotton from the fabric. The last thing you need to do is damage the fabric that you are trying to salvage through careless jerk. 
– You can use the side of the metal to remove the plastic butter knife that helps you to remove the gum from the. Try to work the blade in between the gum and fabric without stabbing or digging into the cloth. 
4. Spot-clean and launder garment as usual: 
During the house cleaning process if you think that there is gum residue or stains on the garment then you can use a spot cleaner or you can even use a laundry detergent, bolt it, wipe or you can just lightly scrub it away. 
– When house cleaning makes sure that the spot cleaner is safe to use for the garment by testing it in an inconspicuous area. 
– After that you need to launder the de-gummed area just like you wash normal clothes, just make sure that you read the instructions of the manufacturer’s at the tag. 
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If you need more house cleaning tips to remove chewing gum from your fabric then you need to call your local house cleaning Bothell experts.