Best laundry room ideas for better functionality – House Cleaning Lake City

If you are a homemaker, it is a must that most of your time is spent in doing chores around the house, now the most difficult and most time consuming task is the laundry task and if you don’t have a comfortable space it gets really difficult to function properly and gradually you lose interest in performing it.
House Cleaning Lake City has some tips on making your laundry room have a better functionality. 

Maximize laundry room space 

When house cleaning, if we have a look around the house we will notice that the laundry room is one of the smallest rooms in the entire house. Though we spend most of the day in this room, so we should cater it in such a way that we can make the most of the space that we have and to make it better funcional. During house cleaning, we can make use of some of the following ideas to make the room more functional. 

When house cleaning, we can hang some shelves over the washing machine and place all the detergent and fabric softeners in that basket and place it on this shelf. 

Add hooks behind the door to hang things behind the door. 

Add a tension rod under the shelf for hanging clothes that need to be air dried. 

You can add in an ironing rack that can be folded back towards the wall, so that the clothes that require ironing can be done there. 


Setup multiple hampers 

When house cleaning, another trick to make your laundry room more functional is by placing more hampers in the room, it can be placed according to the number of members in the house, you can ask each one of them to place their clothes in there respective baskets. During house cleaning this way you won’t have to invest an hour to sort out all the laundry and then begin with the work or else you can color coordinate the baskets to make it easier on you. You can even arrange for more baskets to place the clothes which have been washed.
Make a place for odd and ends           
During house cleaning, aside from all the washing you even have to tackle the things that you find in the pockets. To get yourself motivated you can always place a jar on the shelf and place money in it whenever you finish up a load or the change that you find in the pockets of a pant. Once the jar has been filled then you can use that cash to buy a nice movie for the whole family or treat yourself with a nice thing or food that you wanted. 
When house cleaning, it is common that we leave tons of stuff in the pockets and don’t remember to take out before washing the clothes. So you should arrange for a basket in the laundry room where you can place all the things found and your family members will know where to look. 
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