8 Clever Storage Ideas for your Small Bedroom

If you have limited storage space in the bedroom, take a look at what you already have: free space under the bed. While you can have this storage method for your college days, Storage under the bed is a practical way to use what you already have to store everyday essentials. House cleaning Kirkland lets you explore these creative under-the-bed storage ideas to find the best solution for you: off-season clothing, stacks of overflowing shoes or your child’s ever-expanding toy collection. Whether you’re going for a DIY project or a store-bought solution, these fantastic storage ideas will maximize the potential of your room. Although practicality is paramount, most of these ideas also take into account style and design, so there is no need to compromise the appearance of your room for further organization.
Rolling wooden storage boxes
When house cleaning, for a refined look, wear standard wooden boxes with knobs and metal details that match the aesthetics of your room. These rolling boxes serve as decoration too.
MALM storage bed
When house cleaning, elegant on the outside, this type of bed has a secret inside: when you lift the mattress and the bed frame, what you are going to notice is ample of extra space that is going to help you out to place all of your extra bedsheets and extra pillows in it. 
Color-coordinated toy storage
When house cleaning, giving your bed extra height opens up space for more baskets. Fill the open slots with colored plastic containers and organize them according to what’s inside.
Shoe storage under the bed
When house cleaning, keep your shoes under the bed for easy access, the wooden organizer with movable dividers can be helpful, so you can adapt it to your growing collection.
Open decorative shelf
Get the best of both worlds by building a wooden bed platform with open shelving. Then store the accessories in wire baskets, interspersed with potted artificial plants for a decorative appearance.
Storage drawer under the Floyd bed
During house cleaning, attach this sturdy canvas drawer to one or both sides of the bed for instant storage. Each drawer is strong enough to hold clothes, sheets and bedding.
Rolling wooden boxes
When house cleaning, arrange the drawer pulls on the rolling trolleys to give them a finished look, like a piece of furniture and an extra dose of functionality.
Mesh containers with wheels
It takes five minutes and zero tools to transform cheap mesh containers into a rotating warehouse. During house cleaning, fill them with extra seasonal clothes, accessories or toys to fight the mess in your kid’s room.
As you have gone through all of the creative ideas for under-bed storage if you are still not satisfied with the tips that are mentioned above then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Kirkland professionals who are always willing to share more tips with you or you can also call House Cleaning Kirkland to book a free appointment.