4 different methods to repair your wooden furniture

Wood is a beautiful element that gives your house a complete and warm look but,no matter how careful you are around the wooden furniture, still there are a number of ways that you furniture can get damaged.
To repair this damaged furniture we have to pay a lot, but there are other ways to fix the damaged furniture too, that would be less costly on our pockets. House Cleaning Kirkland  has some tips that can help you fix your furniture.
1. Naturally restore wood
When house cleaning, many times the wooden furniture loses its hydration over the course of time, if no touch ups are made which gives it a more beaten look, to restore the hydration in the wood, you can use a more natural method. During house cleaning, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil and then buff it in the wooden furniture to restore the hydration, to make it appear more healthier.  
2. Natural stain 
During house cleaning, we all know that with time the wooden furniture lose its color and starts to look lighter in color as compared to when we bought it at first to restore that natural stain back, we can apply a couple of methods at home. When house cleaning, for this purpose apple cider vinegar comes in very handy, you can use a wire brush to scrub it and it will take it to the next level instantly. 
3. Repair minor scratches and nooks
During house cleaning, it is very common to find minor scratches on the wooden furniture, if we reach out to a professional to repair these minor scratches it will cost us a lot on our pocket, so an easy method to repair these is with the help of natural home made methods. When house cleaning, to repair these minor scratches you will need to make a mixture of ¾ cup oil, ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, apply it on the surface and scrub it to repair the scratches, you can also use a walnut to remove the scratches from the wooden furniture as well.
4. Repair major damage 
When house cleaning, sometimes our furniture faces some major damages too, to repair those damages you can use a home made method too, this could save you a lot of money and can make your furniture look as new as well. You will require an all purpose filler, mix it as the instructions say and then fill the uneven surface of the wood with this filler, once the filler has dried off then use sandpaper to sand it off, to give it a smooth look. Once the filler looks even and is dried off properly then you can repaint it to give it a clean look. 
If you are still not satisfied with the given tips above to repair your wooden furniture then you should feel free to get in touch with our local House Cleaning Kirkland experts who will happily guide you with more tips or just call House Cleaning Kirkland to book an appointment.