3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean and Ready for Those Holiday Dishes


3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean and Ready for Those Holiday Dishes


How many times do you think you’ll use your dishwasher in the next few weeks? It seems like everyone’s in full holiday prep mode right now, and that means plenty of dishes to clean and put away. A dirty dishwasher won’t be much help come Christmas, so keep yours spick-and-span with these three steps to keeping your dishwasher clean this holiday season.

1) Inspect the Drain

One of the most important ways to keep your dishwasher running smoothly is to clean the drain. Believe it or not, particles and food debris can build up in the drain and cause a clog that prevents water from flowing out of the dishwasher during washing. So, before you begin cleaning your dishwasher, check the area around the drain. To have better access, remove the bottom rack, then feel the area around the drain.

Remove any foreign material you find to prevent it from blocking the drain. You’ll likely be surprised, but things like bones, crab shells, and pieces of plastic or glass are pretty commonly found in this part of the dishwasher.

While you’re down there, it may be a good time to inspect the holes in the spray arm. If they are dirty, just dip an old toothbrush into some vinegar and use it to scrub hard water buildup or food particles from the holes. Remember to replace the bottom rack when you’re done.

2) Run a vinegar rinse through your dishwasher

Set a small dishwasher-safe bowl on the top rack of your empty dishwasher. Fill the bowl with white vinegar. Close your dishwasher and run a complete wash cycle on the hottest setting.
This white vinegar rinse helps to remove grime, dissolve mineral deposits, and sanitizes your dishwasher.

3) Run a baking soda rinse through your dishwasher

Once the vinegar wash cycle is finished, sprinkle a handful of baking soda into the bottom of your dishwasher. Run a quick wash cycle using the hottest water setting.
Using baking soda in your dishwasher helps to get rid of lingering odors and scrub away old food bits, residues, and stains.

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The holidays are all about family, friends, and good food, but the clean-up can be brutal. Keeping your dishwasher clean and ready to use is likely one of many things on your list. If you are struggling to keep up with your household chores this holiday season, we are here to help!

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