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Neutralizing Plastic Container Odors | House Cleaning Bothell

The plastic containers are usually used to store your food. Most of the times time food leaves an unpleasant smell in the plastic container which doesn’t go easily  even if you wash it several times. The reason it happens is that the plastic has a tendency to absorb the odor which later on becomes difficult […]

Cleaning Fingerprints and Dirt off a Painted Wall – House Cleaning Bothell

When it comes to house painting, fingerprints, dust, stains, grime are just a few common factors that can make your house look displeasing during the house cleaning. But it might sound surprising but to clean up the painted wall is much easier than people may think. Here are few house cleaning tips by house cleaning […]

Finally, The Right Way to Clean Your Exercise Shoes

In fashion world the obsession with white-soled sneakers is growing day by day among the young generation, just forget about the people who are doing exercise. During the house cleaning process the first main issue we need to tackle is that how do we clean the white sole exercise shoes in a perfect condition? For […]

House Cleaning Bothell | How to Remove Pet Stains Out of Carpet

All of us love our pets and carpets. Unfortunately both of them don’t coexist well. Knowing how can we remove the pet stains out of our carpet is a key skill for dog and cat owners during the house cleaning process. You need to follow tips by house cleaning bothell to clean some of the […]

House Cleaning Bothell: Different Ways to Clean Your Painted Walls

House cleaning your walls on regular basis will help you to spend less time in scrubbing and repairing the next time when you paint your walls. No matter what kind of paint you have used on your walls either it is oil based or it’s water based the only way to extend and restore the […]

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions | House Cleaning Bothell

The carpets in our house don’t stay clean due to high traffic areas like hallways. That is why you need to clean them on regular basis. This will make them look new as well as it will reduce the toxins and bacteria that can make your family sick. Commercial cleaners are very harmful that can […]

Tips to Wash Bathroom Rugs – House Cleaning Bothell

Washing the bathroom rugs depend on the following house cleaning factors:  Non-skid Rubber Rugs/mats Most Frequent used rugs Splatter water on the floor Follow tips by house cleaning bothell for cleaning bathroom rugs:   If you have got a non-skid rubber rugs then they can’t tolerate the water frequently. Also, the durability of the rubber […]