What are some of the best bathroom cleaning tips?
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What are some of the best bathroom cleaning tips?

We do like to have a clean bathroom and we also make efforts to keep them clean to a certain level. But we don’t get to that certain point necessarily. Bathroom is an essential part for your home that needs to be kept clean at all times, even if it only for your personal use. You don’t want to send out an odd impression of yours when it comes to keeping your home clean. For this purpose House Cleaning Woodinville have few tips and tricks that will be of great help when it comes to bathroom cleaning.

Cleaning of the shower floors.

When house cleaning all you need to do is make a mixture of about three to four spoonful of baking soda and about half a cup of household ammonia, mix it with about 2 cups of water and spread it all around the floor and let it sit for about an hour or so and then wipe it off with a sponge and wash as normal and you will have clean looking floors in no time when house cleaning. 

Cleaning of the toilet

When house cleaning no matter what you do sometimes you are unable to get rid of the smells and the stains in the toilet bowl following one of these few tips you can have a clean stain and smell free toilet in no time.

The first trick is to throw in a denture table in the toilet bowl and wait until it is fully dissolved, then you need to grab a toilet cleaning brush and give it a good scrub, wash as normal and you will have a clean looking toilet in no time.

Another house cleaning trick that can be used when it comes to cleaning a toilet bowl is, but pouring In about ¼ of a cup of mouthwash in the toilet bowl and let it sit for about an hour or so and then using a toilet brush you can scrub the toilet and wash as usual, this will give you a clean looking toilet in no time at all.


When house cleaning we always tend to clean up the obvious part of the bathroom, which are at the look of our eyes and the areas like ceiling of the bathroom are left out, so let’s have a look at the  trick that can give us clean looking ceiling along with a clean bathroom. First thing you need to do is use a long handled broom to dust of all the dust and webs of the bathroom ceiling, then what you need to do is take a bucket fill it with equal parts water and vinegar, dip in your mop in this mixture and by squeezing out all the water run it on the ceiling one part at the time. this will help you achieve a clean looking ceiling in no time during the house cleaning process. 

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