What are basic daily cleaning checklist techniques?
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What are basic daily cleaning checklist techniques?

When it comes to cleaning, there are many times that no matter how much effort you put in still there are some things that are left around the house that require the cleaning and you always put them up for cleaning the next time.

To keep your progress in sight you should keep a list of daily cleaning. You can mention all the chores in that list and keep a check on what needs to be done and what has already been done. House cleaning Lake Forest Park has some things that need/should be on your daily cleaning checklist. 

When house cleaning this is extra helpful for people who work as they come back from a tiring day they won’t have to think alot about work that needs to be done around the house and get it done easily and also is helpful for maintaining a routine around the household and will save you a lot of time on the big cleaning day. 

Daily cleaning hacks that will save you time 

  • During the house cleaning don't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink

  • Make your bed every morning

  • Hang the clothes you used that day

  • Empty the dishwasher while making coffee.

  • When house cleaning clean the toilet / bathroom while older children bathe in the tub 

  • Keep your bathrooms clean longer by keeping the cleaning wipes in each bathroom. Counters and sinks can be cleaned quickly after each use 

  • Clean the kitchen while cooking

  • Apply a "don't wear shoes" rule to keep floors cleaner for longer

  • Clean the other areas of the house while the clean products have the possibility of soaking 

  • When house cleaning keep your laundry baskets or containers in every room or organize a laundry session

  • Invest in a light vacuum cleaner, a robot vacuum cleaner or a mop spray for daily cleaning

1) kitchen

  • When house cleaning use a damp cloth to wipe the problem spots on the floor you love to collect debris 

  • Fold and hang the tea towels

  • Organize the fridge / pantry and use this time to plan meals for the week.

  • Clean the surfaces of the kitchen, dining room and food preparation with a universal cleaner.

  • Loading in the dishwasher

  • Empty basket

  • Clean the microwave oven, toaster tray, etc.

  • Rinse the bottom of the sink

2) Living room / bedroom

  • When house cleaning order the living room, fold the covers, stack books and magazines

  • Dust off the entertainment center

  • Straighten cushions, blankets, sofa cushions, etc.

  • Organize the mess, sort mail and documents

  • Wash a load of clothes daily to prevent batteries from accumulating

  • Empty all the rubbish bins in the house.

  • Go through the house with a basket that collects objects that do not belong and bring them back to the appropriate place

  • Straighten the mud bath and organize boots and shoes


For more daily cleaning checklist you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning Lake Forest Park experts or book an appointment with House Cleaning Lake Forest Park now.