How to remove makeup stains from your pillowcase?
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How to remove makeup stains from your pillowcase?


Do you just wake up early in the morning covered with all of the makeup from the last night smeared all over the pillowcase and your bed sheets? Or it can be someone who has been visiting your previous night and once they are gone you just discover that they have been left behind the traces of their pace on your pillowcase. It does not matter how the mess has been created during the house cleaning process you just need to find a way to remove the makeup stains from the sheets. 


You should need to keep reading some of the tips by House Cleaning Lake Forest Park for some useful tips that will help your to return your bedding back into the original position during the house cleaning process. 


Caution: During the house cleaning process before you start to clean the pillowcase or the sheets you can use all of the methods that are suitable for you but all you need to do is check all of the important instructions by the manufacturer or you can even check the care tag when house cleaning. 


Before you start the house cleaning process another idea which you can attempt to follow your pillowcase is that you can do a little spot test on a hidden area just to ensure that the cleaning solution which you are going to use is not just bleach or stain the fabric. Once you are completely satisfied with the test then you can proceed further. 


How can you get mascara out from your pillowcase? 

During the house cleaning process most of the mascaras and the smudges are waterproof but even if they have got good quality still some of the brands are going to leave behind most of the traces behind when you are wearing multiple coats and then fall asleep. Most importantly, it’s not difficult to remove the mascara from the bed sheets.


All you are going to need in this house cleaning process is: 

- Microfiber cloth 

- 2 cups of water 

- Dish soap 

- Spoon 


During the house cleaning process you need to use the spoon to gently remove the mascara from your pillowcases from the bedding. Just be sure that you are not going extra hard on the bed sheets because it’s going to damage it. After that you need to add the cleaning solution to the dampen microfiber cloth and blot the stain lightly until it lifts off. In the end you can rinse the area to remove the soapy residue. 


How to remove foundation from sheets?

In this house cleaning process if you want to remove the foundation clumps then you need to use the side of your spoon. Then spray shaving cream on the stained area and let it sit for 5 minutes. Dampen the microfiber cloth and dab the stain properly to clean it. Use cold water to rinse the spot. If there are signs of foundation then just wash your sheets normally. 


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