How to remove candle wax from your tables?
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How to remove candle wax from your tables?

We all love to place candles on our tables, and when the candles lit it is possible that the candle wax drips on the table cloth and your pretty table cloth can be ruined but that is not the way it should. Even if the candle wax drips on your table cloth there is still a way to save your table cloth and for that all you need to do is follow our recommended steps. But if you have an antique or detailed looking table cloth then its better to send it for dry cleaning when house cleaning. 

Follow tips by House Cleaning Lake City experts:

Step 1

During the house cleaning process If you find candle wax dripped on your table cloth its better you don’t panic, just wait for it to harden up completely. Once it has hardened up completely use a butter knife to scrape the candle wax off your table cloth. You should completely scrape off the wax from the tablecloth.

Step 2

When house cleaning the second step would be that you cut out a brown paper and place it over the wax stain. And heat up the iron to the maximum, as much the cloth could bare the heat and run it over the brown paper, you would see that oils from the candle wax would transfer on the brown paper, after one side has been covered up you can move the paper round until all the oil has been transferred.

Step 3

When house cleaning the next step would be to remove the stain completely read the care label first and then for the removal you can either opt for rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover as both these products cut the oils and candle wax is made up of oils. Turn the table cloth the stains side down on a folded towel , using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol  run it over the stain and see it get dissolved. Keeping on repeating the process unless you see all the stain has been removed.  

Step 4

During the house cleaning process after the stain has been removed you can place it in the wash basket. Read out the care label and then place it in the wash. It is more preferred to wash it in hot water with similar colors with gentle detergent and run a gentle cycle this would get it cleaned and give you a new looking table cloth.   

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