How to clean wood furniture? - House Cleaning Kirkland
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How to clean wood furniture? - House Cleaning Kirkland

We all have wood furniture at home, wood furniture always gives the home a cozy and warm welcoming feeling. But the most difficult part of it is how to how to keep it clean, it has such detailed work done sometimes that its almost near to impossible to keep it all clean. So House Cleaning Kirkland have some tips and tricks that make the cleaning of the wooden furniture an easy task that too in a little amount of time.  



During the house cleaning process you should prefer to dust of the wood furniture on a daily basis, this could help a lot as this removes the dust on the regular basis and doesn’t form a buildup of dust on the furniture. You can use a soft cloth, feathery dusters or old towels for dusting purposes. It should be used as dry cloth so that the dust doesn’t sticks to the furniture.


2.Removal of Sticky spots

During the house cleaning process It is never recommended that you use water to clean your wood furniture. But if accidents happen and you need to treat a sticky spot on the furniture then either use a wood cleaner or make a mixture of soap and water and then clean the wood furniture with that.


3.Remove Water Stains

During the house cleaning process you should place table mats on the table when placing any hot or cold drink on the table, but if by chance there is a water stain left on the furniture then, apply a small amount of toothpaste on the table and scrub it off with a microfiber cloth. If the stain is tougher then mix baking soda to the toothpaste and then scrub it clean with the microfiber cloth.


4. Remove Old Polish

During the house cleaning process if you remove the stains of old polish that has been sitting for ages all that buildup makes your furniture’s look quite dull and old. For the removal of the polish you need to steep two tea bags in boiling water, then bring the tea to cool down, once that is done take a cloth and submerge it in the tea and wash your wood furniture with it, you will be surprised how well it cleans your furniture and makes it look all new and shiny again.


5.Removal of difficult marks

During the house cleaning process when it comes to removing the difficult marks of ink from the wooden furniture, take about 1 tbsp. of baking soda with water form a thin paste of it, apply it on the marks and gently scrub it off with a soft cloth. Until the stain is removed. Then use a dampened clean cloth to clean the surface off and you will have a clean looking furniture piece in no time when house cleaning. 


If you need more help to clean your furniture properly then you should contact your local House Cleaning Kirkland experts. Call House Cleaning Kirkland now.