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Diy cleaners to keep your kitchen countertops shining - House Cleaning Kenmore

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen who doesn’t like to have a clean looking kitchen with shining countertops. For this purpose we spend tons of money just to buy products that can help just achieve clean and shiny looking countertops. But it is not necessary that we spend that much money to get a great looking kitchen. House Cleaning Kenmore have a few DIY cleaner ideas that will help you achieve the clean looking counter tops in no time that too by spending the least amount of money during the house cleaning process.


1. Baking soda

During the house cleaning process the baking soda is a great cleaning tool that can be used when it comes to cutting down grease, dirt and oils. So if your countertops are covered in grease or oil has been spilled on your countertop then you can use baking soda to cut it down. It can even be useful in removing the stains of wine. When it comes to house cleaning the countertops of the kitchen one should prefer using baking soda as it cuts down the grease and we all know from all the cooking and the mishaps that happen our counters get so greasy.


2.  Rubbing alcohol

When it comes to house cleaning the countertops such as granite and marble the best option is rubbing alcohol. In this case, vinegar is a no because it could make the marble and granite lose its shine. Whereas rubbing alcohol in gentle on the material and cleans the counter not just be disinfecting it by also making it shine like when it was installed at first. 


3.  Wooden countertops

When it comes to house cleaning wooden countertops it’s not always effective that you just rinse it with hot water. You will need to pour some salt on the surface and then squeeze some lemon juice and using the lemon peel scrub it. This will not only help you clean the surface but will also help you in removing the stains left on the wooden countertops.


4. Grapefruit peel

During the house cleaning process the grapefruit is acidic in itself and can help clean the countertops by cutting out the oils and grease but it is not enough on it’s on to do this job. So we have come up with a solution all you need to do is remove the grapefruit peels and soak them in vinegar in a jar and when needed you can take out one and scrub the surface with it and then wipe the counter with a clean cloth.


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Most of the times we are so much occupied with the work that we don’t have enough time to prepare DIY cleaners ourselves at home just by using a few of the things from our pantry and instead of that we waste money on the commercial cleaners that are harmful and have no advantage. That is why you should contact your local House Cleaning Kenmore experts for a helping hand. Call House Cleaning Kenmore now for house cleaning.